Shakedown: Hawaii

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Shakedown: Hawaii
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
PublisherVBlank Entertainment
DeveloperVBlank Entertainment
ReleasedAugust 20, 2020
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Shakedown: Hawaii is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Canadian studio Vblank Entertainment. Like its predecessor Retro City Rampage, it is a parody of multiple subjects, including retro games, 1980s pop culture, manipulative business practices, and Grand Theft Auto and similar games. Decades after founding Hawaii-based conglomerate Feeble Multinational and writing a best-selling business advice book, the aging and out-of-touch CEO of Feeble learns that his company is on the verge of bankruptcy, with online shopping, video streaming, and vehicle for hire mobile apps sapping Feeble’s profits from its retail stores, VHS rentals, and taxi services. The CEO, together with his unemployed adult son Scooter and a henchman known only as “The Consultant”, band together to rebuild Feeble into a corporate empire. Their arsenal of unscrupulous tactics includes violating consumer protection standards, razing buildings to make way for redevelopment, competing on a dangerous game show, destroying package delivery trucks, raiding a drug cartel, and shaking down other businesses. A subplot centers around the CEO’s son Scooter as he joins a gang and performs tasks for the gang’s leader, Tad.

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