NBA 2K13

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NBA 2K13
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
Publisher2K Sports
File Size19.76 GB
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“NBA 2K13” is a simulation game about the basketball sport, the sport is extremely famous and influential worldwide. The game was developed by a well-known sports game company, 2K Sports, which is known for the success of sports simulation products around the world.

“NBA 2K13” is part of the “NBA 2K” series, is the 13th part of the game series and also a part of the developer’s very focused improvement compared to the previous versions. Especially, the configuration of the game has been significantly improved, now the image of the character is installed similar to real people, bringing the skills and ability to score identical points in real life.

In addition, the matches also show very detailed physical effects, creating a fair game and requiring high concentration. One point players need to know about the game is that they can customize shoes, decorate shoes as they like. With more than 45 different details of each part on the shoe, and more specifically, the players in the game can adjust to put on the shoes created by the player, creating flashy moments on the same field with those shoes.

However, we cannot forget the improvements to the controller, when for the first time the game brought the ball dribbling techniques by the right analog button, in addition to the ability to finish, pass, and move, bringing efficiency to the phase through the opponent and improving the offensive ability of the team.

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