Just Dance 4

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Just Dance 4
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
File Size15.01 GB
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“Just Dance 4” is a dance music game developed by Ubisoft, in the 4 main parts of the “Just Dance” series. The game gives players a great experience for those who want to find entertainment through dance and music. “Just Dance 4” knows how to please the player, the game not only retains the value of the previous success but also knows how to improve new and innovative features. The core value of the game still lies in the gameplay that assesses the ability to imitate the dance moves performed by the dancers on the player’s screen. Also, the player can choose which song to dance and the score is kept depending on the amount of time and the exact motion. New features and modes in “Just Dance 4” include dance battle mode. With the addition of the “Just Sweat” mode, it allows players to dance with friends to compete against each other. After that, the game will have a reward for the winner, as well as unlocking more other songs. In “Dance Quests” mode, each song is a challenge that the game will give players to increase the dramatic part of the game. With the Wii U version, the “Puppet Master” mode of the game has been upgraded to 5 players, one of which will be a controller of the Wii U Pad as the “Master of Ceremonies” and can change the different dances for the rest.

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