Skylanders: Trap Team

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Skylanders: Trap Team - Wii U ROM & ISO Download
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
File Size11.60 GB
GenreAction, Adventure
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“Skylanders Trap Team” is a 3D action-adventure game from developer Activision. This is the fourth version of the franchise “Skylanders” and was first released on October 2, 2014. The game was well-received from many players around the world to bring players the Extremely eye-catching 3D images. It can be seen that the graphics are the first highlight that the game brings with the detailed character images to each corner, smooth moves and incredible vivid space. “Skylanders Trap Team” belongs to the genre of attractive action-adventure games, players will play the role of a guard at the Cloudtracker prison. The villains have escaped from here and your task is to control your characters to fight, to bring them back to the Skylands. Players can control their characters through the virtual D-pad system displayed on the screen. Each battle in the game, the player can meet dozens of different monsters, they are very crowded and aggressive. So the player must be careful with every move and action. The plot of the game begins with Kaos, the game’s antagonist, which blasts the walls of the scary Cloudcracker Prison and frees Chompy Mage, Wolfgang, Golden Queen, Chef Pepper Jack, Dr. Krankcase, Gulper, Dreamcatcher, Nightshade and Shining, The Doom Raiders, the most notorious villains in the Skylands. Thereby the guards have the duty to search and catch them back to Cloudtracker prison again. Using Traptainium, a magical material that can harness the power of the elements, they now have incredible abilities to trap the wicked and bring them back to the Skylands to fight them.

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