Rodea the Sky Soldier

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Rodea the Sky Soldier
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
PublisherNippon Ichi Software
File Size5.40 GB
GenreAction, Adventure
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“Rodea the Sky Soldier” is a role-playing game from the developer of Kadokawa Games. The game has left a strong impression on the player with a story full of scrolling, unique gameplay and especially great graphics. The game gives players a fascinating experience with new gameplay, in which most of the moving and fighting segments will take place halfway through the sky. By controlling Rodea, a robot who flies through the touch screen of the Wii U with the drawing operations, the player will be able to move between the beautiful aerial islands of Garuda. The battles in “Rodea The Sky Soldier” are shown quite attractive and eye-catching when a small warrior faced with the advanced weapons of the powerful Naga empire. It could be giant balloons filled with live guns, small swarms of planes surrounded the sky, or giant robots, towering like statues in the sky … First in Naga, a mighty mechanical kingdom, both economical and military, thanks to a type of energy called Gravity Energy. Thanks to this unique resource, everything in the Kingdom of Naga is fully mechanized and automated. Garuda is another strange kingdom, thanks to some supernatural powers that make the whole kingdom of islands floating in the sky. Jealous of Garuda’s perfect natural beauty, and also wanting to monopolize the mysterious power to make this kingdom fly in the air, Naga conducts an invasion of the land of Garuda, something that has never happened for over 1,000 years.

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