Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

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Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
RegionEU, JP
Released27th Sep 2014 (JPN)
30th Oct 2015 (UK/EU)
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“Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water” is considered one of the best horror genre games in the “Fatal Frame” series, developed by Tecmo Koei and released by Nintendo in the world in October 2015. Like the other versions in the series, players will be navigated to areas filled with scary ghosts and have to fight them by using Camera Obscura to take photos of them, which is directly controlled using the Wii U Gamepad. The story in the game is set on a fictional Mountain Hikami, where players will be able to follow the three protagonists who are drawn into mysterious, supernatural events happening here, including ancient rituals to seal Black Water, a malevolent force corrupting the surrounding spirits that are tied to the fate of the titular shrine maiden Ose Kurosawa. In the game, players will be able to control three different characters through areas of Mountain Hikami from a third-person perspective, including ruined buildings or dark forests. Each character will be navigated to these areas with an interactive map, or be able to walk or run to the designated area. During the exploration, the characters are confronted with ghosts that will attack and damage the player through touching themselves. If a ghost grabs a character, the player can evade or escape their grip. The only way to defend and attack them is to use Camera Obscura, an antique camera that is used from a first-person perspective, with shots of varying proximity and angles affecting how much damage the ghost takes. Deals the greatest damage is called a “fatal frame” when hitting that ghost’s weakness.

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