NES Remix Pack

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NES Remix Pack
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
File Size1.14 GB
DeveloperIndieszero, Nintendo EAD Tokyo
GenreAction, Platform, Sports
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THE CLASSICS – REMIXED AND REBORN! Classic gameplay reimagined! Got the skills to take on Nintendo history? Compete in the Nintendo World Championships Remix! INCLUDES: NES Remix: Super Mario Bros./The Legend of Zelda/Donkey Kong/Mario Bros./Balloon Fight/Excitebike/Ice Climber/Golf/Baseball/Tennis/Donkey Kong Jr./Donkey Kong 3/Pinball/Clu Clu Land/Urban Champion/Wrecking Crew + NES Remix 2: Super Mario Bros. 3/Metroid/Kid Icarus/The Adventure of Link/Punch-Out!!/Ice Hockey/Dr. Mario/Super Mario Bros. 2/Wario’s Woods/Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels/NES Open Tournament Golf/Kirby’s Adventure + The original Super Mario Bros., reversed and starring Luigi!

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