Minecraft: Story Mode

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Minecraft: Story Mode
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
File Size5.97 GB
PublisherMojang, Telltale Games
DeveloperMojang, Telltale Games
RegionNorth America
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Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game developed and published by Telltale Games, based on the sandbox video game Minecraft in association with Mojang. The game centers around a new character named Jesse, who can be either male or female, as they and their allies attempt to save their world by defeating the Wither Storm. Players can collect items, solve puzzles, and talk to non-player characters through conversation trees to learn about the story and determine what to do next. Like other ones of Telltale Games’s games, decisions that the player makes will impact events in both the current episode and later episodes. However, unlike Telltale’s previous games, which tend to carry more mature or emotional overtones (including the death of major characters), Minecraft: Story Mode is intended to be a family-friendly title. As such, the decisions are intended to be pivotal and emotional, but not involve mature imagery or themes. Elements of crafting and building, central to Minecraft, were included in the gameplay. The game includes combat and other action sequences, carried out through both quick time events, similarly to Telltale Games’ other episodic games, and more arcade-like controls, such as steering around debris on a road.

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