Mario Kart 8

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Mario Kart 8 (USA) (En,Fr,Es) (v1.05)

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If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s Mario Kart game brand, you probably won’t be able to skip the best game in the series, Mario Kart 8. This is the eighth installment in the popular Mario Kart series of games developed by the original Nintendo game. Launched in the world in May 2014, the game has won much love from the long-time fans of the series by giving players many interesting and attractive improvements compared to previous games. Mario Kart 8 was also considered a huge commercial success with more than eight million copies sold worldwide and was considered the best-selling Wii U game at the time. With the familiar gameplay of previous titles, Mario Kart 8 allows players to control characters from the Mario franchise and participate in racing on many different types of race tracks. Players can use many items picked up on the track to hinder opponents or gain an advantage in the race. In addition to combining the unique mechanical features found in the Mario Kart and Mario Kart 8 series games, it also introduces an anti-gravity feature, allowing players to drive on walls or ceilings. It also allows them to bump into one another for a short boost. Players can also experience single-player and multiplayer modes, including online through the Nintendo Network.

The gameplay maintains the traditional elements of previous Mario Kart games, mostly from the two recent installments on the Wii and 3DS respectively. Karts, which feature similar designs from Mario Kart 7, can be customized once again, alongside the returning bikes, which handle similar to the karts now and can only perform a wheelie via a boost, and the newly introduced buggies, as well as, according to an interview, more customization options that have yet to be revealed. The hang-glider and underwater mechanics also return, as well as Coins, with the player being able to collect up to ten in one race as in Mario Kart 7. Like Mario Kart Wii, twelve racers are present in normal races. The newest feature for the series is anti-gravitational segments, that not only allow for more dynamic track design, but also for racers to drive across walls and ceilings. When in anti-gravity, if a racer bumps into another racer, the kart spins rather than just bumping and both racers receive a speed boost. These tracks have been described as more narrow when compared to previous Mario Kart tracks, specifically those from Mario Kart Wii. For the fifth time in the series, courses from previous Mario Kart games will be included, and both the game’s anti-gravity mechanic, as well as Mario Kart 7 ‘s “air, land, and sea” mechanic will be incorporated into these retro courses, much like the retro courses in Mario Kart 7.

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