Just Dance 2018

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Just Dance 2018
ConsoleNintendo Wii U
File Size15.81 GB
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“Just Dance 2018” is a popular dance music game in the world of the popular “Just Dance” series, developed by Ubisoft. This is the 9th version of the series of the same name and critics appreciate the interface image as well as the number of extremely diverse songs. In this series, players can experience very subtle dances, with famous old and new music and have fun with friends in their spare time together. Coming to the “2018” version, there will be many advances in both gameplay and game modes, based on the comments contributed by the interest of the players. The gameplay of the game is retained by its successes in the previous games when the player’s dance moves are assessed with the virtual dancer dance on the game screen, then give a score for Players watch, along with the rewards of the game. In those dances, there are also challenges for the player, which are special and unique dance moves in each song, The performance is that the higher the score and the greater the reward. Coming to the game modes, we are known for the “World Dance Floor” online party mode, where the players in the game will be dancing together to complete the game and receive gifts. In addition, the “Kids” mode in the game is also very much concerned, when in the game there are 8 hops that have the function of developing children’s health.

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